Gw2 Ascended Back Item (2024)

1. Ascended back item - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

  • Quiver of a Thousand Arrows · Quiver of Swift Flight · Book of Secrets

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2. Easiest ascended backpack to get - Guild Wars 2 Forums

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  • Simple question: What the easiest ascended Backpack to get?I'm trying to farm Bloodstone Fen, but will take forever to farm 200 Blood Rubies and buy "Blood Ruby Backpack".Also trying to finish some collections from HoT, such as "Warmaster's Pack" or "Luminate's Backplate"..Any tips?

Easiest ascended backpack to get - Guild Wars 2 Forums

3. Back item - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

4. Best way to get ascended bakpack - Guild Wars 2

  • Jun 7, 2016 · Best way to get ascended bakpack ? ... The Luminate's back requires you to collect all of the Auric weapons, which can be time consuming. If you ...

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5. Precursor back item - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

  • Precursor back item is a generic term for an ascended back item which can be promoted with a mystic forge recipe into a legendary back item.

6. Back item - Guild Wars 2 Guide - IGN

  • They can accept jewels as well as universal upgrades. Ascended versions can be infused. Back item gear slots are grouped with trinket slots in the Hero Panel.

  • Back items are a type of gear, sharing characteristics of both trinkets and armor. They provide the lowest magnitude of attribute bonuses out of all equipment

Back item - Guild Wars 2 Guide - IGN

7. Category:Ascended back items - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

  • L · Lava Skull Backpack · Lava Skull Backpack (Infused) · Light of Dwayna · Light of Dwayna (Infused) · Lightbringer's Pack · Lightbringer's Pack (infused) ...

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8. buy ascended back item with karma? - Guild Wars 2

  • Jul 1, 2013 · Ascended items have more or less the same stats as upgraded exotic items (I know there is a difference, but it really is minimal). This means ...

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9. Infused equipment - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

  • Only ascended rings and back items can be infused. Aside from an extra slot, infused items are identical to their non-infused counterparts. In addition to ...

  • This article is about equipment with an extra Infusion slot. For the upgrade component used in ascended equipment, see Infusion.

10. Gearing up to Ascended Guide - Hardstuck

  • Jul 13, 2022 · Legendary items only offer additional Quality of Life (QoL), so it's not necessary to craft those if you don't want to. Additionally, Ascended ...

  • This guide will give you a general overview of some unique properties of ascended items like stat-swapping, and of course, cheapest and fastest methods to get end-game ascended equipment.

Gearing up to Ascended Guide - Hardstuck

11. GW2 - Ascended Guide - Guild Wars 2 Equipment and Gear - GuildJen

  • Sep 10, 2022 · Ascended rings can be infused and attuned, each of which adds an extra infusion slot (for a total of three). Ascended back items can be infused ...

  • GW2. Ascended Guide. The complete guide on how to obtain ascended equipment. BEST Equipment and Gear up to date 2022.

GW2 - Ascended Guide - Guild Wars 2 Equipment and Gear - GuildJen
Gw2 Ascended Back Item (2024)
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