Hell's Paradise Episode 7 Review - But Why Tho? (2024)

MAPPA and Twin Engine’s Hell’s Paradisehas slowed its pace for Episode 7, “Flowers and Offerings.” Based on the manga by Yuji Kaku,Hell’s Paradisehas been pretty much perfect since it aired seven weeks ago. Balancing action and shocking moments with thoughtful character studies, the series has managed to pack every punch it can. However, with Episode 7, the series takes more time to set the stage for the future instead of showing action.

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 7,Gabimaru, Sagiri, Senta, and Yuzuriha stumbled across a deserted village. With the homes covered in vines and a mist keeping the mystery alive, the group encounters Hoko and Mei. Hoko is a giant sentient tree with the ability to regenerate its limbs, and Mei is his young charge. A child who doesn’t speak, Mei is aggressive at first until Sagiri calms her. This meeting allows the group a moment of rest while Hoko finally gives the group valuable answers to questions they had about the island’s danger and even more than they could have thought of.

At the same time, the kissing couple that Chobe and his brother encounter reveal themselves to be the dangerous masters of the island. Able to change between male and female, able to regenerate their bodies when cut in half, they may be beautiful, but they should be terrifying. MAPPA uses these brief moments with Chobe and his brother to illustrate the information that Hoko is giving our main group. As he details the reality of the island which includes the origin of the Elixir of Life and the gods of the island known as the Tensen, Chobe and his brother are destroyed by these perfect humanoid creatures.

Without showing the fight itself, audiences get to see the results which prove dire for the brothers. This choice works to create an air of mystery and myth around the Tensen and their strength. But in a series that has taken liberties with how much is shown in animation compared to the manga, this was a moment to let loose. While I think it’s a misstep not to show a detailed fight sequence, I have to give kudos to this foundation-building episode for interjecting a moment of normalcy as we see the stakes rise.

Hoko details the dangers outside the village, explaining how the island operates in three sections, with the center, the Horai, containing the Elixir of Life and the mighty Tensen. The lore is built extensively in this episode, and Senta exists to showcase the ways in which the story reimagines Taoist religious explorations into monsters and gods working in their own name. The Tensen keep every human from leaving the island, killing them and giving them a vibrant death as the flowers overtake the dead bodies, converting the strangers into Tan. That Tan energy created by death then becomes the way that the Tensen and the other monsters on the island stay alive.

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As the lore of the series builds in these moments of exposition, it never loses its footing. MAPPA’s ability to exposition dump while still pushing forward a narrative is unmatched, particularly because Gabimaru gets another moment of humanization. Using a bath to show the more vulnerable side of each of our main characters, Sagiri plays the role of the attendant as she starts to build a relationship with Mei by teaching her how to bathe using bath products and not just water and gives Gabimaru a moment that reminds him of his wife.

While the last few episodes have given us a look at how strong and violent Gabimaru can be, Hell’s Paradise Episode 7shows audiences a quiet side again. The bath in this forgotten village is a moment of rest for everyone, and for Gabimaru, it’s a moment to remember his wife. As we look back into the past, we see Gabimaru talk about feeling uncomfortable while bathing, as if he’s washing away the focus of a fight. Instead of giving into that notion, his wife reassures him that care and rest are necessary so that he is not spread so thin that he loses the ultimate battle with life.

InHell’s Paradise Episode 7,MAPPA once again manages to present a multifaceted story. It builds out the lore of the series, it shows the danger of that lore in action, and it gives audiences a deeper look into one of our main characters. While I don’t think this episode is perfect like many of the last, I do think it’s an important one. Even i fit leaves me incredibly anxious to see more of the Tensen in focus. At the midpoint of the series, I’m interested to know if MAPPA is looking to finish the 13-volume story in one season orif they’re aiming to explore it more. Time will only tell.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7is available now, exclusively on Crunchyroll with new episodes every Saturday.

Hells Paradise Episode 7 — "Followers and Offerings"
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InHell’s Paradise Episode 7,MAPPA once again manages to present a multifaceted story. It builds out the lore of the series, it shows the danger of that lore in action, and it gives audiences a deeper look into one of our main characters. While I don’t think this episode is perfect like many of the last, I do think it’s an important one. Even i fit leaves me incredibly anxious to see more of the Tensen in focus.

Hell's Paradise Episode 7 Review - But Why Tho? (2024)


What happened in episode 7 of Hell's Paradise? ›

Gabimaru and his team encounter a strange girl and a tree-like creature, setting the stage for unexpected revelations and escalating tensions. Hell's Paradise episode 7 emphasizes Gabimaru's perseverance as he pushes forward in the wake of the knowledge that the elusive elixir exists.

Did Hell's Paradise get axed? ›

Manga. Written and illustrated by Yuji Kaku, Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku began weekly serialization on the Shōnen Jump+ application and website on January 22, 2018. The series ended with the 127th chapter on January 25, 2021.

Who is the strongest person in Hell's Paradise? ›

1 The Tensen

There's no doubt that all the Tensen are the strongest characters in the series if they exhibit the same powers as Zhu Jin.

Can the tension be killed in Hell's Paradise? ›

Even decapitation and burning couldn't kill them, while injuries recover just as fast as they were inflicted. The only possible way of killing the Tensen is by attacking their navel, where their Tao is concentrated. While the usage of Tao grants the Tensen an incredible amount of power, it is not without a setback.

Will there be a Hell's Paradise 2? ›

Hell's Paradise Season 2 continues Gabimaru and Sagiri's quest for immortality, facing new challenges and alliances on the mysterious island. With a confirmed second season, fans can look forward to more shonen adventures in feudal Japan.

Who is blind in Hell's Paradise? ›

6 Shion. Continuing with the stereotypes put together in Hell's Paradise, Shion comes in as the blind sensei. Precisely being blind is his only weakness. He thought himself to use Tao when he was already one of the best Asaemon.

Is Gabimaru's wife real? ›

Despite her marriage to Gabimaru was nothing more than an arrangement that was only beneficial to her father, Yui implemented her sense of normalcy to the matter by introducing Gabimaru to basic customs that they should follow, believing that they should truly act like an actual married couple.

Does Sagiri love Gabimaru? ›

However, her feelings for Gabimaru are not selfish in that she wants him all to herself, rather, she is visibly happy for him whenever he mentions his wife. Sagiri has an undeniable love for Gabimaru, but it is purely as a close friend and never as a lover.

What is Gabimaru's real name? ›

Gabimaru, born as Tsuki, is a shinobi assassin who is immortal.

Is Gabimaru stronger than rien? ›

Gabi is by far the strongest human in Jigokuraku. Not only did he showcase a far better performance against Rien, but the Shinobi also outclassed nearly every other human if only by a slight margin.

How is Gabimaru so strong? ›

After eventually receiving the Flower Tao, Gabimaru becomes even more unstoppable with the regenerative abilities of Tensen. He is nearly immortal, being able to heal his body no matter what kind of damage he sustains, even regenerating his head if decapitated.

Who is the main villain in Hell's Paradise? ›

Rien is the main antagonist of the manga and anime series Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku. She is the leader and creator of the Tensens as well as for the group of the same name Lord Tensen. Over 10 centuries ago she was a married woman with her husband Jof*cku.

Does Gabimaru ever see his wife again? ›

However, after the shogun calls for death row convicts to compete in acquiring the Elixir of Life from an island believed to be Shinsenkyō in exchange for a pardon for their past crimes, Gabimaru receives an invitation from Yamada Asaemon Sagiri to be a part of the competition and accepts in order to reunite with Yui ...

How did Sagiri revive Gabimaru? ›

In the present, Sagiri raises her sword above Gabimaru's Arborified body and tells him that he must accept his burdens while continuing to live on. She then brings her sword down and beheads him. Momentarily, Gabimaru regains consciousness, with his body back to normal, and finds his severed head in front of him.

Can Gabimaru beat Rien? ›

Rien had been shown to be quite formidable in close-range combat, being able to outmatch both Gabimaru and Shugen in a three-way battle with little difficulty and handled her own against Gabimaru and Sagiri's synchronized attacks.

What happens at the end of Hell's Paradise? ›

In the end, all the surviving characters each go their own way, but the bonds they share still remain. Sagriri and Yuzuriha also visit Gabimaru and Yui at their home. The other characters carry on with new lives, happier than ever.

How many episodes will Hell's Paradise be? ›

Although details regarding the launch date and storyline of season 2 remain undisclosed, it is anticipated to debut in 2024. The upcoming season of Hell's Paradise will consist of 14 episodes, one more than its predecessor.

What happened to Hell's Kitchen Season 7 winner? ›

Holli Ugalde was a contestant on Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen. She was the winner of that season and was promised a head chef at the Savoy Grill in London, United Kingdom, with a $250,000 salary. However, she never got the job because of visa issues, but she kept the winning salary and the title of "Season 7 winner".

What happened to Autumn Hells Kitchen Season 7? ›

After her appearance on the show, She returned to her previous career as a personal chef.

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