How To Make Clan Emblems In Conan Exiles Age Of War (2024)

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Showcase your Clan with pride as Clan Emblems are coming in the Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 1 and are available in the Public Beta.

By Ashleigh Klein |

First Published June 23, 2023, 11:25

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Clans are one of the integral components of Conan Exiles’ PvE gameplay as a way for players to form guilds in-game on a particular server. Given their importance, developer Funcom is bolstering this feature by introducing Clan Hoards and Clan Emblems in the Age of War Chapter 1 update.

Announced recently and detailed in the Public Beta patch notes, Clan Emblems will add style by allowing you to design a logo and place it on various items. This guide explores what Clan Emblems are and how to get and use them in Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 1.

23rd June 2023 Update:We've updated this guide to reflect that the Age of War Chapter 1 will be available for console and PC on 22nd June 2023. The original article continues below.

How To Get Clan Emblems In Conan Exiles Age Of War?

Developer Funcom unveiled a new cosmetic that will help Clans identify themselves or their cause in the most unique way possible. Clan Emblems were revealed during the Developer Livestream as means for you to showcase or proudly show your love and appreciation for your Clan as you head out to war against enemy Clans and NPCs.

The developer confirmed that you could design your Clan Emblem from various preset designs and shapes, which can be adjusted using multiple settings and options like colors, size, transparency, and more. Additionally, specific presets can be positioned either in the foreground or background to add more depth and character to these Emblems, with more options and designs to be added in future updates.

As for how to create your Clan Emblems, this can be done on a new workbench included in the Age of War Chapter 1 update. The Clan Totem can be placed anywhere on your base grounds, for which the Clan Leader or anyone with clan permissions can begin designing their Emblem before emblazoning them on various items.

Additionally, more presets and options will be available through the Chapter 1 Battle Pass; however, whether these will be on the free or paid paths or unlockable for both is still being determined. Speaking of the Battle Pass, there is a challenge linked to the Clan Emblems feature that helps their progression by completing the challenge, “Apply a Clan Emblem.”

How To Use Clan Emblems In Conan Exiles Age Of War?

We stated previously that Clan Emblems could be used to identify your Clan and proudly throw your support behind your fellow Clan members. After crafting them at the Clan Totem workbench, these can be applied on various items and surfaces, mimicking the Wall Paint for your base.

According to Funcom, Clan Emblems can be applied to various clan items like Carpets, Flag Banners, Horse Caparison, Shields, and Wall Banners. The Clan Emblem will also be displayed on the Clan Totem as players can playtest this feature during the ongoing Age of War Chapter 1 Public Beta.

The Age of War Chapter 1 update launched on 22nd June 2023 across all available platforms. Conan Exiles is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam.

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How To Make Clan Emblems In Conan Exiles Age Of War (2024)
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