Darth Maul Inspired Popcorn | Star Wars Recipe (2024)

I’ve been wanting to do a Darth Maul inspired recipe on here foreverrrrrr. I tried to do a s’mores dip inspired by his iconic red and black look, but I failed. At least four times.

So, once I achieved a different patterned s’mores dip, I started to brainstorm other ways I could honour the awesome Star Wars character Darth Maul within a recipe, and it finally came to me – coloured popcorn!

Before you steam ahead and make these yourself, I feel like I must warn you: this recipe is NOT for the weak. Sure, it’s really easy to make, and customise in so many ways to suit any holiday, movie, or TV show BUT it’s also suuuuuuper sweet.

Don’t attempt to make or eat this if you aren’t a full on sweet tooth like me, I’m warning you 😂 Now that you’ve been prepared, onto the recipe!

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Deadpool Inspired Petit Fours


♡ Sea salt microwave popcorn
♡ Icing mixture
♡ Gel food dye in black and red (I use Chefmaster’s Super Red and Coal Black)
♡ Flat baking tray
♡ Baking paper
♡ Flavour extract (optional, I opted out of this because I knew it was already going to be so sweet)


1.Heat up your microwave popcorn in your microwave and allow to cool completely.

2. In a semi-large bowl, add a few tablespoons of icing mixture or icing sugar and some teaspoons of water, and mix together with a spatula. Continue adding both items until you get a good consistency, and enough icing to cover all your popcorn with!

You need a thick enough consistency to cover the popcorn without it falling off, but thin enough that you will be able to stir the popcorn through it without breaking every single piece.

3. When you’re happy with the amount and consistency of your icing, split your popcorn either in half or 2/3, as Darth Maul is mostly red, so you could make the larger amount red. This part is up to you.

Once the popcorn is divided, split the icing in the same way, but don’t combine the two yet.

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Darth Maul Inspired Popcorn | Star Wars Recipe (5)
Darth Maul Inspired Popcorn | Star Wars Recipe (6)

Star Wars “Blue Milk” Hot Chocolate

4. Line a baking tray – one that is big enough to fit all your popcorn on it, layed out – with baking paper. Colour one bowl of your icing red. Add as many drops as you need to make it a deep red, but remember that it will continue to develop and deepen over time. Mix in the colour until there is no more white icing left.

5. Grab a small handful of popcorn from your allocated “red popcorn bowl” and put it in the bowl of your red icing. Carefully and slowly stir the popcorn until it is coated. Repeat this until your allocated red popcorn has all been coated.

Then, grab two small spoons to lift one piece of popcorn out of the bowl at a time (yes, this will take some time!), drain the excess icing that’s still spilling off it, then place it on the baking paper on the tray. Continue until every piece of popcorn has been place on the tray; make sure none of them are touching.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, but colour the icing black (it may look purple at first, but as I said, the colour deepens with time – you can even let it sit for a bit before adding the popcorn if you want, but it will deepen again whilst the popcorn is on the tray), and set each piece of popcorn on your baking tray next to your other pieces, once again making sure that none of them are touching.

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Darth Maul Inspired Popcorn | Star Wars Recipe (8)
Darth Maul Inspired Popcorn | Star Wars Recipe (9)

The Powerpuff Girls Popcorn Mix

7. Now you will have to wait quite a while for your icing to dry on the tray! Once you think it has, it might even be a good idea to get a fresh sheet of baking paper to re-line the tray with, and place the popcorn back on the fresh sheet and have the bottom of each piece facing up, since that side wouldn’t have got as much chance to fully dry, but that is up to you.

Once your icing has dried – you’re now ready to binge watch any Star Wars content you wish with a super sweet treat ready to eat in your hands! 😋

I will give you one piece of advice before you go chowing down on this delicious snack: it MAY stain your hands due to all the food colour, so you may want to grab a big spoon or something to eat it with instead 😅

It’s still super yummy though, so I think it’s worth it! Before you go, let me know in the comments: who is YOUR favourite Star Wars character? 👇

I always loved Darth Maul because black and red are my style colour palette, but Kylo Ren/Ben Solo really tugged at my heartstrings because Adam Driver is such a good actor! I love him so much!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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Darth Maul Inspired Popcorn | Star Wars Recipe (2024)
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